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Going beyond benefits to reach top talent

As your company evolves, how do you plan to attract and retain top talent? Are you looking for a better way to compete in the race to recruit the very best employees? Apex Benefits can help you create a compensation strategy that aligns with your company goals, reflects your unique culture, and engages your workforce with a specific, motivating direction.

We provide full-service compensation expertise to guide you in the following areas:

  • Compensation Philosophy: Articulate the what, how and why behind the way you pay employees by developing a compensation philosophy. Create intention behind your compensation decisions, including where and how you want to compete in the talent market, so you can confidently implement your compensation plans.
  • Compensation Analysis and Benchmarking: Stay ahead of your competition in the quest for talent by understanding the market value of each position for which you’re hiring. Whether you are recruiting locally or nationally, paying in a way that is both competitive and aligned with your internal strategy will not only attract the best people, but will also help retain your talent.
  • Customized Sales, Bonus and Variable Pay Plans: Focus on short-term achievements by rewarding top performers for their contributions to the success of your company. Create or refine your bonus programs to appropriately reward employees for their level of performance.
  • Total Rewards Assessment: Showcase all monetary and non-monetary rewards to your potential and existing talent. Reach beyond base salaries to build appealing total reward packages that attract, engage and retain top talent and performers.

Full-Service Compensation Solutions

Compensation Tailored for Your Needs

Paying employees is the single largest expense for most organizations and one size does not fit all. Apex Benefits can develop a plan that’s tailored for your needs. Our goal is to help you stay ahead of trends and recommend techniques to adapt as your company evolves.

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Contact Katherine Bryant, Compensation Consultant at Apex Benefits, to determine the best compensation solutions for your business.