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Julie Hawes

Julie Hawes


As a Business Development Advisor, Julie Hawes brings 10 years of experience providing voluntary benefits to her clients. She’s relationship-driven, specializes in optimizing benefit dollars, and devises solutions that help businesses maximize them. Julie understands the value of keeping costs down while helping businesses retain quality employees. She uses cutting-edge technology to augment her clients’ budgets and makes sure employees and their families are well-protected.

While Julie knows that employee benefits are a large part of an employer’s budget, she also understands the value a solid benefits package plays in attracting and maintaining good employees. Therefore, she’s committed to making the best of what an employer can offer. She’s truly passionate about educating the employer/employee on benefits and is committed to making sure families are protected when life happens.

As a people-person, Julie networks regularly. She’s a BNI member and serves on the board of Purposeful Living Inc. Plus, Julie is very family-oriented. She’s married to husband Justin and loves parenting their son and daughter, Rome and Novella. As a couple, Julie and her husband enjoy water activities and boating on Lake Monroe during the summer months. She’s also into healthy eating, exercise, and scratch-cooking.