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Hard Truth Happy Hour:

Getting Real About HR


Every employer wants to believe their employees get up every day excited to come to work. But if we’re all being honest, would employees — from Gen Z to boomers — say your organization is a great place to work? Or simply a paycheck?

When employers get real about building high-performing cultures, they’re not only more likely to recruit the best talent, but have happier and more productive employees.

Whether your employee satisfaction scores are stellar or sub-par, there’s always room for improvement and innovation.

Join us for 5 thought‐provoking and myth‐busting presentations by HR professionals who have lessons to share about what is working in recruitment and retention, and what isn’t – and what we all should consider doing about it to be an employer of choice.

Who: Anyone responsible for recruitment and retention

When: Tuesday, February 25, 2020

  • 4:30pm: Cocktails and networking
  • 4:45pm: Program
  • 6pm-6:30pm: Cocktails and networking

Where: Bullseye Event Center, 723 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225



Elias Serrano

Eli Serrano

CEO, MS-IL Staffing & Packaging

Hard Truth:Your HR Policies Probably Won’t Weather the Generational Tsunami 

Brooke Salazar Headshot

Brooke Salazar JD, PHR

HR Consultant/Internal Associate Counsel, Apex Benefits

Hard Truth: That Total Rewards Dog Just Won’t Hunt

John Qualls Headshot

John Qualls

Founder and CEO, Purpose.ly

Hard Truth: Stop Hunting Unicorns and Start Hiring With Purpose

Jessica Stephenson

Jessica Stephenson

VP of Marketing and Talent, ExactHire, IndySHRM President

Hard Truth: 7 Deadly Excuses That Wreck Your Job Application Process

Seth Morales

Seth Morales

President & CEO, The Morales Group

Hard Truth: Human Resources Isn’t a Thing We Do, It’s the Thing That Runs Our Business

Todd Rokita Headshot

Event Host: Todd Rokita, JD

General Counsel and VP of External Affairs, Apex Benefits


*This is an event exclusively intended for clients and prospective clients of Apex Benefits Group, Inc. This event is subject to registration confirmation and acceptance by Apex Benefits Group, Inc. in its sole discretion.

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