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Benchmarking Executive Summary

Instant Access to the 2019 Indiana Employee Benefits Survey Executive Summary

How does your benefits program compare to other Indiana employers’ programs? Are your benefits attractive enough to win the attention of top talent and retain your employees?

There’s only one source for Indiana-specific benchmarking data. Download the Executive Summary today.

Survey Demographics

320 Survey respondents

508 Medical plans represented

Top industries represented:

Manufacturing, Professional Services and Government

The case for Indiana-specific benchmarking

The Apex Benefits 2019 Indiana Employee Benefits Benchmarking Survey Report provides a rare, in-depth look at local trends in employer-sponsored health coverage. The survey is designed to provide valuable benchmarking data that Indiana employers can use to design attractive and cost-effective benefits programs that promote employee recruitment and retention.

Corporate executives and human resource professionals from 320 Central Indiana employers participated in the survey. They submitted data on medical and pharmacy premiums, deductibles and copays, as well as wellness programs, paid time off policies and other benefits designed to recruit and retain employees.

“This report provides insights that just can’t be found anywhere else,” says Apex CEO John Gause. “While looking at national trends is important, Indiana-specific benchmarking is the only way employers can realistically compare their benefit plans to the Indiana companies with whom they’re competing for top talent.”

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