#14 Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Indiana (1 of 2) – Apex Benefits

#14 Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Indiana (1 of 2)

On this episode of The Point, Scott Long sits down with Mark Gramelspacher, Entrepreneur in Residence at Elevate Ventures, to talk about Indiana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Elevate Ventures is a financial consultant that is part venture capital fund and part entrepreneurial development partner. They provide investment capital to Indiana entrepreneurs and investment opportunities to funders and make value-added services available to entrepreneurs and community leaders. As an Entrepreneur in Residence, Mark provides first-time entrepreneurs in central Indiana with business advisory services to help them start their business.

In part one of the interview, Mark and Scott discuss Elevate Ventures’ goal of enhancing Indiana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem (2:15). Mark’s role as an Entrepreneur in Residence and why Indiana is a great place for industry (4:45). More about Indiana’s ecosystem and Elevate Ventures’ hybrid approach (7:00).

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